Drug Abuse TreatmentWhat is the Florida Model of Drug Abuse Treatment?

We believe that the Florida Model of substance and drug abuse treatment, also known as PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), this is a step down from a detox program in Florida, and provides the best opportunity for long-lasting recovery. Treatment based on the “Florida Model” requires our clients to take a break from their regular life and live in supervised residential housing connected to our facility during their recovery.

Safe Harbour Recovery provides a nurturing, community-based living arrangement with full clinical support where clients must be self-sufficient and responsible for themselves without the use of drugs or alcohol. They learn how to deal with stress and anxiety in new, healthy ways as well as learn everyday life skills – cooking, laundry, cleaning, and basic responsibility which will help them survive once back in the mainstream. This approach is an integral part of the “Florida Model” and is considered to be a key factor in helping clients to leading sober, productive lives – and avoiding relapse.

True to the “Florida Model,” we encourage our clients to commit to a period of PHP care while they live in Safe Harbour Recovery provided housing, and then a period of “step-down” care which could include extended outpatient care, transitional care (living at a halfway house) and part-time employment. By completing this series of steps, our clients gradually reduce the amount of structure in their lives while slowly re-entering their community, should they wish to return “home”. It takes courage, guidance and structure to become clean and sober. We work patiently and with compassion with our clients to help them address underlying problems and clear the wreckage of their past – and to build the foundation for a new sober life.

“Living at Safe Harbour Recovery has the advantage of removing all distractions from the recovery process”