Getting-Past-Addiction-DenialHow Can Someone Get Past Addiction Denial?

Drug and alcohol abuse is often met with addiction denial for both the person with the addiction, as well as their friends and family. The individual may believe they can control their use of substances; friends and family may want to believe things are not as bad as they actually are. Even those reaching the depths of their addiction, including overdose and arrest, might avoid a treatment facility for reasons including:

  • Embarrassment and shame
  • Loss of job, school attendance
  • Financial burden

The truth is facing an addiction denial and attending a drug recovery treatment program and learning how to turn their life around will provide positive benefits to their physical and mental health, financial stability, and self-confidence.

Sometimes, an intervention is needed to help a loved one find the courage to accept help. Feel free to discuss this with our admissions team. We are here to help!

“The only shame is not in reaching out for help.”