IMG_9942The Premier Florida Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Safe Harbour Recovery is a Florida Addiction Treatment facility that offers a safe, nurturing, comfortable environment for clients to live in as they begin their journey to sobriety. Early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be uncomfortable enough to drive the user back to old behaviors and substance use.

While we are just a few miles from the beach, participating in addiction treatment is not a vacation. Admission to our program requires that clients make a courageous commitment to work with Safe Harbour Recovery to chart their course to lasting sobriety. Addiction rehabilitation is similar in some ways to ocean sailing. Some days the seas are calm, while on other days, rough seas threaten to capsize the boat. Our skilled and compassionate staff will help clients navigate through those moments.

Living at Safe Harbour Recovery has the advantage of removing any distractions to the recovery process. Clients live away from the people and places that served as triggers to abusing substances. This allows them to concentrate fully on their recovery program.

In addition to one-on-one counseling, clients benefit from group programs addressing such topics as:

Family of origin issues and codependency
Self-esteem building
Relapse prevention
Conflict resolution
Art therapy
Life skills
Group dynamic
Goal setting
DBT Therapy
EMDR Therapy
Relapse prevention


Since our program is built on the foundation of a 12-Step Program, there will be attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings.

A typical treatment program requires a commitment of 30 – 90 days of treatment with a transitional living plan in place to avoid relapse.