What-to-Expect-from-Addiction-RehabSafe Harbour works to inform new clients what to expect from addiction rehab

Since no two clients are alike, we begin by creating an in-depth assessment to specifically identify each client’s recovery needs.

Then we tailor a blended program that will help them understand addiction, as well as any co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis) they may suffer from. Our goal is to give our clients the confidence and knowledge to make the necessary changes in their lives. They will have a greater understanding of the complex problems that drive addiction. They will learn how to identify and navigate past their triggers and be given the tools for relapse prevention.

If they have already been in treatment, we will work with them to zero in on issues that may have been missed. Clients will learn to build a meaningful life without drugs or alcohol. And they will have the coping skills to maintain their sobriety and look forward to a future they can’t wait to begin.

Wherehab.com is a great source to find more information on what exactly to expect from a Drug & Alcohol Rehab.